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Exposure Notification


Instant Engagement,
Simplified Communication.



Real-time Alerts.

Notify staff, patients, and any other personnel instantly during a crisis or emergency. One touch allows you to distribute a broadcast message to thousands of recipients at once.


Easily Upload Contacts In Groups.

Upload your entire list of contacts in one data dump, or integrate with Quincy API to complete it automatically. Within minutes, you’ll be ready to distribute your message to thousands of recipients.

API Integration.

Enhance functionality with our exclusive API. Easily integrate with your EMR or your Resident/Patient Management System to send botcasts seamlessly. Check out our blog to learn more!


Features That Matter.


Text-to-speech conversion

for landline recipients  

Group 5888

Opt-in/out Tracking

via bot conversation

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 6.50.41 PM

100% Automated conversation with optional agent escalation

We Work Well Under Pressure.


Emergency? Consider it handled.

Don’t let unexpected situations knock you off of your A-game, stay prepared. Emergency management can be tackled securely from your smartphone to thousands of recipients in minutes!

Any Device, Anytime.

Get the message to them every time, no matter what device they’re using. Exposure notifications, also known as Population Health Alerts, can be delivered to any smartphone, email or landline.

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