COVID-19 Virtual Patient

Communication Kit

Overcome patient surge and combat the spread of COVID-19 with science-sourced education and remote clinical triage


Care Without Barriers

The CDC has recommended that all health systems and hospitals leverage telemedicine and self-assessment technologies to reduce patient and staff exposure to COVID-19 and decrease resource strain. The COVID-19 Virtual Patient Communication Kit provides an all-in-one, quick deployment model, for instant patient reach.  Request a kit today to leverage:

  • AI-Driven Chatbots for Instant Engagement

  • Video Conferencing to Support Telemedicine as recommended by the CDC

  • Secure Mobile Messaging

  • Live Care Navigator Escalation

  • Dynamic FAQ Library Including CDC/WHO Resources

  • Reach Your Patients with QR Codes, SMS Campaigns, or Web/Portal Hosted Widget

  • White-Labeled to Support Health System Authority Through Brand Awareness

  • Mobile Solution with No App Download Required

  • Live Search Available Testing Centers



Science-Sourced Education

The COVID-19 situation is evolving day-to-day but one thing is certain, it is not business as usual for healthcare. Your patients have more questions than ever and want science-sourced answers. Education, done right, can empower patients to reduce spreading infectious diseases like COVID-19 and relieve tensions and fears. Educational content within the kit links directly from the CDC and World Health Organization.

Real Problems Require Real Solutions


Instant App-less Access

Provide access to your patients securely, either via SMS, Care Campaign, QR code, by embedding on your web page or portal, or by providing patients a single number to text and reach you.


Video Reduces Exposure

Being able to escalate at-risk patients to a clinician virtually minimizes exposure risks for everyone and reduces constraints on your clinical resources.


Dynamic Content

You have already developed trust with your patients, that's why branding is important. From the editable FAQ content to the chatbot script, all of your content can be 100% customized and white labeled to look like your organization.

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How do we reduce patient and provider exposure?
AI-driven chatbots and live video conferencing allow screening and education to happen outside of the physical hospital or clinic space, reducing the exposure risk of all parties and following CDC recommendations.
Where does the content come from?
All education content and triage protocol is sourced directly from the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization and are cited as such in the FAQ library.
How can we react quickly to patients who screen presumptive-positive?
Patients who triage to a presumptive-positive reach a "clinical escalation trigger" which allows them to initiate live, secure, chat with one of your staff members. From there the conversation can also be taken into a virtual video call. This presents the best opportunity for tailored next-steps in-line with your facility protocols.
How difficult is this to implement?
This is not an IT resource heavy implementation. The technology is already built and live with customers. We simply give you your own account, white-label as needed, add any custom FAQ or workflow needed for your organization, train your agents / managing staff, and let the technology do the rest. Some customers are able to go to production in as little as a day.
Do I have to use every part of the kit?

No. The kit can be used as an all-in-one solution or you can use only certain aspects of it, like Virtual Visits.


How do we reach our patients with this?
You will have access to a host of deployment models including custom QR codes, JavaScript for web or portal access, SMS campaigns, and more. Which method you choose is up to you.
Do we have to use every part of the kit?

No. The kit can be used as an all-in-one solution or you can implement only a portion, such as Virtual Visits.