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HIPAA-Compliant Automation

Healthcare providers preparing to handle the challenges of vaccine distribution are turning to AI-driven conversational healthcare chatbots to address key communication and engagement concerns. The COVID-19 Vaccination Assistant delivers:

  • Dynamic COVID-19 Vaccine Information
  • Patient self-scheduling
  • Connect to transportation 
  • Vaccination documentation evidence
  • and more...
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Vaccine Assistant Injection
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78% of healthcare professionals report improved clinical efficiency and workflows by implementing automation and technology

Features & Benefits

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Address Vaccine Hesitance With Dynamic FAQs

The World Health Organization listed "Vaccine Hesitancy" as one of the Top 10 Threats To World Health. Because Quincy is 100% brandable and customized for each healthcare organization's unique patient audience - your voice remains their source of truth.

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Connect To Ride-Share Options

Let Quincy handle the logistics by providing in-chat directions to your vaccine centers and even connecting patients to ride-share and public transportation options. 



Allow Real-Time Patient Self-Scheduling

Patients who schedule their own appointments are 94% more likely to show up. Fully automated schedule management and intelligent vaccine appointment reminders reduce call center burdens and empower patients.

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Capture Proof of Vaccination Live

The COVID-19 Vaccination Assistant can capture documentation and PHI-containing images using our embedded HIPAA-camera technology to validate and securely share proof of vaccination.


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Better than Appointment Reminders

Reminders alone simply don't cut it. Patients need a tool that allows them to interact, ask questions about their upcoming vaccination, and get trusted answers. A traditional appointment reminder can't triage or consent your patient. They can't provide live video chat or send rich data back to your EMR. Quincy is capable of this and more. And thanks to our Epic AppOrchard integration and robust APIs, you can be up and running in days - not months.

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