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Address Every Care Barrier with Automation


  • Relieve the strain on clinical resources
  • Increase patient engagement and retention
  • Increase operational savings by automating scheduling
  • and more...
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Reduce Your Workload

Deploying patient self-scheduling should not add to the volume of daily work. With things rapidly changing in the healthcare industry, basic scheduling should not have to consume clinical resources away from patients. 

Patient Self Scheduling-Limitless Scheduled and  Resources - QliqSOFT

Limitless Schedules & Resources 

Manage a multitude of intake sources that sync up to one calendar automatically, each and every day.

Patient Self Scheduling -Secure Smartphone and Web Access - QliqSOFT-1

Smartphone & Web Access

Connect with patients via smartphone or web browser and avoid the hassle of app downloads and portal logins.


Patient Self Scheduling-Custom SMS and Email Reminders - QliqSOFT

Custom SMS & Email Reminders

Personalize messages with details specific to a patient with custom reminders for SMS, Email, or chatbot conversations.

Patient Self Scheduling-Multiple Bookings Per Time Slot - QliqSOFT

Multiple Bookings Per Time Slot

Allow multiple bookings for a single time slot lets large practices manage more patients based on staff availability.

Patient Self Scheduling -Multi Timezone Support - QliqSOFT

Multi-Time Zone Support

Juggle schedules for multiple locations and practices automatically and in real-time.


Patient Self Scheduling-No Extra Software Required - QliqSOFT

No Extra Software Required

Access our secure, web-based platform without the need for complex, multi-site installations.

We Know What You’re Facing

Deploy a secure patient self-scheduling tool via SMS, Email, or website - while having it all connected to a centralized calendar. Evolve beyond the phone call and create a tool that patients WANT to use, all while reducing call volume, no-shows, and referral leakage. 

What We Bring to the Table

  • Use patient self-scheduling for surgical procedures

  • Easily create a simple means for patients to access telehealth services

  • Utilize healthcare chatbots to automate tasks and free up multiple resources

We Are Ready To Help You Now.

Let us show you how self-scheduling can be implemented within just a few short days. Coryell Health filled more than 400 appointment slots within 48 hours of implementation - are you ready to see what you could do?