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Connect with Providers
and Patients... Instantly

Quincy, our AI driven conversational Chatbot platform has been proven to provide a more efficient and deeper communication tool for Pharmaceutical manufacturers to communicate with both Providers and Patients.

Using a powerful AI-engine, Quincy is used to build chatbots that are easy to implement and customize. Quincy offers chatbot templates that address care-specific use cases that include pre-configured intents and dialogue flows or customize Quincy to build chatbots to suit your unique needs.

Non-adherence leads to...


of all failed treatments





of preventable hospitalizations

Engage Patients with Automated Chatbots.

  • Medication adherence including real-time monitoring
  • Point of care education to overcome care barriers
  • Digital Medication reconciliation
  • Expand the reach of your relative content

Connect Providers with Intelligent Services.

  • Digital Pharmaceutical Reps 
  • Easy e-detailing
  • Contact-free prescriptions
  • Fax-free HUB Enrollment
  • Automated Medication Follow-ups

75% of patients are non-adherent in one or more ways, text messaging

doubles  the odds of medication adherence



It’s a term you know well, but have you ever wondered what the efficacy of chatbots is? Download our free whitepaper



Robust APIs allow us to close gaps that others can’t. Also available: HL7, FHIR, and open export JSON.



Trusted HIPAA-compliant architecture designed for healthcare allows for the seamless exchange of PHI.


Exchange Dynamic Content.

  • Quick Forms help you tackle discrete data and signatures
  • HIPAA Camera captures medication labels
  • Branded FAQ content reinforces messaging
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Achieve Therapeutic Fidelity with Inspired Patients and Providers.

  • Companies eliminated  2.5 billion human resource hours by utilizing chatbots  
  • When it comes to communication, 83% prefer chatbots over human interactions
  • Over 64% of people in every age group chose chatbots when they're available



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