Remote Patient Monitoring

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Let Us Automate Your Approach To RPM

Scale your remote patient monitoring initiatives with our Quincy healthcare chatbots to streamline patient enrollment and engagement. With zero app download and no need to login to a portal, patients have a frictionless experience from start to finish. Avoid the complications and start connecting.


Why Chatbots for RPM?

Our Quincy healthcare chatbots allow you to seamlessly transition patients to a HIPAA-compliant user interface where PHI can be exchanged instantly. The conversational AI keeps patients engaged and features like Quick Forms allow you to capture and route data throughout your organization. 

Readmission Prevention
Collect patient-reported outcomes, and intervene more quickly with automatic live agent escalation. 

  • Reduce ED Utilization
  • Target At-Risk Patients
  • Increase care plan adherence by up to 90%

Chronic Care Management

Gain real-time insights on any chronic condition and tailor responses and chat flow based on patient input, all while lowering the cost of care and increasing quality.

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Perfect For New and Existing Programs

Whether you're looking to start a new RPM initiative and need a technology partner who can scale with you, or you're using an RPM program now that could benefit from additional automation - we have you covered. See how we are partnering with the best in the industry.

Each new RPM patient can earn a practice up to around $210 per month.
Practices that utilize remote services for chronic conditions saved an average of $2,931.
home therapy adherence rate 90-05-1
Home-based RPM therapy maintains a 90% adherence rate to care plan guidelines.



The Leading Provider of Deviceless RPM 

QliqSOFT’s Quincy healthcare chatbot platform integration allows CareSignal to white-label a conversational AI chatbot, presenting real-time educational and enrollment prompts via dynamic forms and HIPAA-camera imaging, alleviating call center constraints and opening up more access points for patients. Read the press release here.

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