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Introducing our "Safer Practice Package" 


One Package, Seven Solutions. 

The Safer Practice Package helps healthcare do business better. Re-open your doors with confidence using our bundle of AI-Driven chatbots and tools to help maintain the health and safety of those in your community. From intake to discharge - we have you covered.


Safer Practice Package

What's included in this product bundle?


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IconsForPage_Paperless Paperless Intake 

Whether it’s guiding patients through the ER, clinic, or other points of entry into the health system, our tools allow you to capture all the patient forms and data needed to support appointment booking, admissions, prior authorizations, consenting, billing, and more.

IconsForPage_Botcast Proactively Engage & Alert

Our “botcast” option allows you to reach your patient community instantly with real-time notifications

IconsForPage_VirtualVisitor_Map Virtual Visitor Guides

Share Virtual Visitor Guides to reinforce your new policies and communicate your improved practices.

IconsForPage_Curbside Curbside Check-in

Provide contact-free options to your patients for curbside check-in. Ease fears and resource constraints while minimizing exposure risks.

IconsForPage_VirtualPPE Virtual PPE

We include our “Isolation Bridge” chatbot to facilitate safer engagement for patients and healthcare workers. The built-in Virtual Visit tool allows you to unmask staff and takes patients in isolation from ICU to “I see you” without increasing risks.

IconsForPage_VV_Backtobusiness Get Back to Business  

Our Virtual Consultation bot is the perfect marriage of AI technology and telehealth, allowing you to begin seeing patients again from anywhere! The multi-party video even allows for third-party consults, interpreters, and scribes.

Features & Benefits

Say "NO" to One Size
Fits All Solutions


The Safer Practice Package is 100% customizable. Our chatbot experts help you take the guesswork out of branding and customization. Start with the 7 Solutions and tailor the scripts, branding, forms, FAQ, and patient experience to meet your needs. Looking for an all-access pass to create your own chatbots and telehealth experiences? We support that too with our open designer platform.

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Demand Solutions Built For Healthcare

The Safer Practice Package bundles several of our trusted solutions

  • Quincy - AI driven chatbots for healthcare automation
  • Virtual Visits - Our secure telehealth platform with no app download
  • Botcast - Real-time notifications delivered instantly

All are in the market today, trusted by hundreds of hospitals and health systems, and making a difference with real customers.


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