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Virtual Visits



Provide face-to-face care to your patients anytime. Virtual visits allow clinicians to initiate a virtual visit request with a secure SMS, engage via video, and acquire electronic patient signature on post visit surveys to validate visit occurrence. All with no app to download, securely, and in real time.

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Simplified Workflow For Complex Situations

Delivering remote care is often challenging but with Virtual Visits by QliqSOFT it's as easy as 1-2-3. Within one interaction you can:

  1. Request real-time, secure chat, with patients via SMS

  2. Launch your app-less video visit and deliver care

  3. Validate your visit with electronically signed post-visit surveys 

Expanded Coverage For Medicare Recipients 

Thanks to a new executive order telehealth services can now be leveraged by all medicare recipients to get access to care. Beginning March 6th 2020 clinicians can bill immediately  under the Physician Fee Schedule at the same amount as in-person services. 


Solutions that Scale

We are pleased to offer this solution to help healthcare providers manage the influx of patient inquiries more effectively while reducing unnecessary physical interaction between clinical staff and patients

(Read the Press Release).

Boyd Douglas
President & CEO, CPSI

A Big Win

When it became apparent that Telemedicine would be a key component of our patient care strategy we evaluated several market solutions; seeking one that would be simple for both patients and their caregivers. We deployed Qliqsoft’s Virtual Visits because of the simplicity in their design: Two click launch and no app for patients to install. This allowed us to scale the solution rapidly and has been a big win for continuing our hospice care!

Jim Burrill
VP of Information Technology, Cornerstone Hospice

Intuitive Platform

Rolling out virtual visits at SGMC was not an IT-heavy project, the platform is intuitive and does not require logins or downloads so it has made my job easier!

Derrick Clement
IT Communications Technician, SGMC

A Product That Works

We found Qliqsoft's Virtual Visits to be extremely simple for both patients and providers. Offices were setup in minutes and within a week we had 45 providers in 15 different practices successfully seeing patients virtually with little to no issues. Even providers with little love for technology are adopting it quickly. Thank you QliqSOFT for the support and for a product that works!

Stephen Smesny, CIO
Meadows Regional Medical Center

Quick Deployment

When we needed to urgently deploy a telehealth solution for our care providers, QliqSOFT was able to get it done quickly and without consuming our internal resources. This is helping SGMC to provide the quality care that people have come to expect.

Bob Foster
SVP and CIO/HIPAA Security Officer, SGMC

Reshaping Healthcare

We need to be able to take care of patients' needs and adhere to all appropriate infection control practices, which at this time means limiting physical interaction. With QliqSoft, this was extremely easy, if you can take a picture on a device and have an internet connection, you can be seen by one of our providers. There is no telling how this software will reshape our clinical practices moving forward, it helped jump-start us into virtual medicine and the modern era.

Colt Hatcher
Director of Rural Health Clinics, GW Healthcare

No App, No Barrier

This has really helped us during COVID-19 and is user-friendly for my geriatric patients. I would highly recommend the platform for anyone looking for a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine video conferencing tool.

Aruna Koney, MD
Internal Medicine, Dallas, TX

Strongly Recommended

During these very trying times, Hospice of CNY & of the Finger Lakes is still out serving the most vulnerable patients in Upstate New York. We needed a way to protect patients and staff while providing this care so we reached out to our secure communication vendor Qliqsoft. After an immediate reply, we were set up with a free trial and training. I would strongly recommend this virtual visit to other companies

Marie Popps
Director of IT, Hospice of CNY & Finger Lakes

An Instant Hit

Video Visits through other solutions are complicated, patients need to login to the portal and download the app. QliqSOFT made it simple. I just need to send a text and the patient joins the video visit securely - no login, no app.

Anna Zouhary, MD
Internal Medicine Associates, P.C.

The Tools We Needed

Qliq delivered the telehealth tools that we needed within a day of asking! We quickly trained staff and started doing visits remotely right away. Most physicians only needed about 5 minutes of training and we were able to see and serve our patients who could not leave home.

Amanda Vandervoort, RN, BBA, CHC
Director of Clinical Information, Pratt Regional Medical Center

Online in Hours

We were online in only a few hours and the training was very easy. It's a very user-friendly tool and it was easy for the patients to use too, as they didn't have to install anything on their phone. We were pleased to see how some senior patients were using it with ease. Patients felt very comfortable with telemedicine when seeing us on video and they knew they were going to be taken care of in these unprecedented times. We are extremely happy with the choice we made. 

Salma Saiger MD
Mesquite, TX

Provider and Patient Friendly

With Virtual Visits, we can reach our patients from the comfort of their homes amid COVID-19. It is provider and patient-friendly. The secure connection allows us to care for our patients via video chat. Our patients can even send us documents with a virtual signature. Keia and the staff at QliqSOFT are helpful, responsive, and receptive. We always get a response on the same day.

Teresa Cisneros
OneWorld Community Health Centers

A Perfect Fit

The coronavirus poses a new challenge for clinics and hospitals across the country. At AFC, we saw between 60 -70% drop in patient volume. As we scrambled to secure PPDs (that are in short supply) and the COVID tests, we had to figure out a way to get our patients tested quickly. After searching for and assessing various messaging platforms, Qliqsoft was a perfect fit.

Claudius Moore, CIO
American Family Care


We have been able to easily interact with our patients each day with a service that is consistent, as well as trustworthy. Patients have commented that they very much like the fact that they do not have to download any apps or type in a lengthy link in order to have a visit with us. Ultimately, QliqSOFT has been an excellent resource during this difficult time to effectively treat our patients to the best of our ability.

Ashwani D. Srivastava, MD
Dallas, TX

Valuable Tool

We chose Qliqsoft based on ease of use and ease of maintenance. Knowing that the physicians have a HIPAA-compliant tool for effective communication allows me, as CIO, to sleep better. Sharing patient information between doctors and nurses securely and real-time over their cell phones has proven to be a very valuable tool for all.

Bill Bishop
CIO, Colquitt Regional Medical Center


We’ve been using Qliqsoft for about 2 months now and we love how smooth it’s made our curbside check-in process. I’ve been impressed with how responsive the Qliqsoft team has been and we continue to find ways to use Qliqsoft in our curbside processes! It’s been a game-changer for us.

Yvonne Powers
CEO, ABCD Pediatrics

Meet Suki, Your Voice-Enabled Digital Assistant

Leveraging machine learning and natural language processing, Suki enhances the Virtual Visit experience for both clinicians and patients. 

Remove the burden of documentation and administrative tasks and increase your daily patient volume without sacrificing sanity. 

When integrated into QliqSOFT's Virtual Visit telehealth platform, Suki can...
  1. Reduce clinician burnout with voice-enabled transcriptions

  2. Spend more time with patients and less time taking notes

  3. Mitigate rising costs with increased data accuracy


CLICK HERE to read the full press release about the exclusive partnership between QliqSOFT and Suki.

Real Problems Require Real Solutions.


On-Demand SMS

Send your patient an SMS request to initiate their Virtual Visit. Patients will click a secure URL that launches your virtual visit room. This room serves as the place for secure chat and document exchange between patients and care providers.


Video Engagement

Satisfy face-to-face requirements with real-time video conferencing. Engage patients with technology recommended by the CDC. Initiate a video request with one click and get paid the same as an in-person visit. 


Electronically Sign

Wrap up your visits by sending a post-visit survey or care summary that your patient can electronically sign with their finger tip and return to you in the secure virtual visit room. Reinforce care plans and validate billing practices.

Trusted, Proven, Simple.


Our Footprint Just Keeps Growing

What Does Each Pin Represent?

Each pin represents a unique health system, hospital, or post-acute facility with our Virtual Visit and chatbot technology deployed. These customers, on average, conduct over 10,000 Virtual Visits per day as of April 2020. 


The Top 5 Reasons Our
Customers Choose QliqSOFT

  1. Our secure platform was built for healthcare 

  2. Easy patient experience, no app / no login

  3. AI-Driven Chatbots compliment your telehealth program

  4. Rapid deployment can be done in hours, not weeks

  5. Integration capabilities with any system via HL7 / FHIR / API



How hard is this to implement?
Not hard at all! Once your account is setup and agents are trained you're able to begin engaging patients virtually.
How do we reach a patient for a virtual visit?

There are two basic ways - 

You can send an SMS directly to one patient asking them to launch their virtual visit. All you need is a name and phone number.


You can send a Care Campaign to multiple patients at once by uploading a CSV file containing names, numbers, etc - and send. This is ideal for accounts with numerous agents that can handle greater influx of patient conversations.

Do patients have to accept the video request?
Yes, patients can rest assured that you will not have access to see them until they accept your request to launch the video component of the virtual visit.
Does the patient need to download an app?
No. There is no app to download. The patient simply clicks on the secure URL in their SMS invite and it launches a webpage on their device.
Is there a record of the visit?

Yes, in two formats.

1. Your data contains video start & stop times as well as the content of any written communication.

2. Within the virtual visits, agents can send a post visit survey to the patient (or any form you with to create) and request electronic signature from them to validate the visit. These forms can even be setup to route directly to your billing or other department.

Customer who wish to export all data will be given access to do so.

We already have a front-end solution, can we still use your platform?
We work with various interfaces and APIs on a daily basis. It is highly likely that we can provide our solution to you as a back end to your existing model. Please contact us with the form above for an evaluation.
What sets this solution apart from others?

So many things!

1. Our Virtual Visits are built on our existing secure communication technology trusted by thousands of healthcare organizations.

2. Unlike non-secure options, our visits never reveal phone numbers of the care provider.

3. Choosing a solution designed for healthcare gives your telehealth initiatives longevity. No band-aid solutions here!

4. Initiation of a virtual visit is in the control of the provider.

And more. Let's talk about it. Use the form above to request a demo.