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We offer live demos and informational webinars on a regular basis. These conversations provide insight into new products, workflows, and management for everyday healthcare needs.

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We have several exciting webinars planned for 2021. Keep an eye on this page for details.

Past Webinars

Leveraging AI Chatbots to Drive Engagement:
A Fireside Chat with Texas Tech University Health Science Center

2020 presented more than its fair share of challenges, but within those challenges comes the opportunity for creative innovation. Join Texas Tech University's Sammy Ray as he discusses how the basic need for contact-less patient intake led to combining Intrado’s automated appointment reminders with QliqSOFT’s chatbot technology to create a new way to engage and communicate with patients.


Enhanced Patient Access with Chatbot Supported Scheduling

Improved patient access leads to better patient outcomes. That’s why QliqSOFT and BlockIt have joined forces to remove the barriers to care that so many patients experience throughout their life. Join our panel of experts as we discuss how patient self-scheduling via AI-driven chatbots can reduce no-shows, improve outcomes, and grow your business as a whole.



Facilitating Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring using AI-Driven Chatbots

Better data equals better outcomes. Join QliqSOFT and CareSignal as they share their experiences in connecting the right patient data with clinicians via AI-driven chatbot enrollment and deviceless remote patient monitoring. The result is improved medical outcomes, patient access, and overall engagement between patients and their providers... all while cutting costs across the board.


Engaging Home Health Patients During COVID-19

Home Health and Hospice providers face unique challenges delivering effective home care while upholding new COVID-19 public health best practices. Join our panel of experts from QliqSOFT and Elsevier as we address these challenges and share current trends of adaptive home care using AI-driven chatbots and telehealth technology.


Telehealth + Documentation Made Easy

Telehealth is here to stay. Suki and QliqSOFT helps organizations easily deliver and document telehealth encounters. QliqSOFT’s Virtual Visits solution allows providers to deliver virtual care, securely and without an app or login. Suki enables clinicians to document encounters quickly and meet reimbursement criteria.


Driving Flu Vaccinations to Avoid the Next Health Crisis

Increasing flu vaccinations among patient populations will be critical to managing the upcoming flu season and preventing a strain on emergency resources. Through patient engagement technology, providers can significantly increase flu vaccinations.
Discover how healthcare organizations can plan ahead by implementing virtual technologies and automated notifications in a live, 30-minute demonstration. By combining AI chatbots, SMS broadcast notifications and virtual rooms, patients are given a safe and convenient means to receive their annual flu shot.
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Virtual Visit Dashboard Tour

Exciting things are coming for QliqSOFT customers - a new and improved dashboard that enhances the experience for patients and clinicians alike. Register today for an exclusive sneak peek. Learn how your agents can effectively manage patient conversations, share forms and important documents, conduct video calls,  and leverage virtual waiting rooms, right from their browser.

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